Year 1985

PROLOGUE (from Renato’s account):


Monday (in the church of St Martin)

…I recited the Rosary and a prayer which I used to say as a child in the church of St Martin during the month of May. I remember that I had not got to the end of the second Hail Mary when I felt as if my body was dying and my soul was about to leave my body… I could not see or hear anything around me. Suddenly the statue of the Virgin began to speak and move. For me, it had become alive: she was smiling, her eyes were most beautiful, and she said:

I expected you to come yesterday. From now on you will always come here, because I have to speak to you about so many things. After that, you will write them down, but for the moment wait. Come back tomorrow and I shall tell you more.



It is I, Mary, I, the Madonna, really speaking to you now. Take what I tell you seriously, and from now on you will write down all my words. I shall prepare you. One day you will speak, but for now you must wait,

you must prepare your spirit, because we shall be treading the path of faith… I shall prepare friends for you, apostles who love Mary. I shall send them to you and you will go a long way with them, because together we must convert many souls and lead them to Jesus.



(Church of St Martin)

Pray and make sacrifices, because only through prayer can mankind be saved. Even those who go to church

are not strong enough in their faith. This is why I am intervening: to do the will of the Father. Youmust turn to Him always, because He is all-powerful. The world is heading for perdition.



Love the Father with all your heart. Make Him loved, because He loves you. Listen to His word and His teaching.



Pray for the Church. Do not become scattered, but unite and form one single bread. The Father loves you and I am protecting you.



Nothing will be lost that you offer to the Father. Seek justice and love one another. Pray together and seek beautiful things. Remember the priests.



Egoism, pride and lack of understanding are carrying souls to perdition. The Father is awaiting you all, but too few are arriving.



Seek the Father, and in finding Him you will find true joy. Live in a holy manner and you will immediately experience the Kingdom of the Father. Abandon foolish things, the fruit of evil; immerse yourselves in grace;

have courage, do not become slaves of the devil.



I am being sent by the Father to complete the Son’s work in you and I am making use of many of His apostles

to gather souls together.



I am the abandoned Mother.



The immense love of the Father will save you. Thank Him with all your being. He is infinite love. Love one another also in like measure.



Do not worry about difficulties, they will pass and you will forget them, for they are sufferings offered to the Father, which sanctify you and bring you to eternal joy. Here, there will never be night,

nor suffering, nor hunger, but eternal joy. Come, all of you! The Father has invited you all. I bless you.



Do not divide the Church, but unite and form a single family.



Pray for priests. Many of them are in error, for it is not he who says ‘Lord! Lord!’ who will be saved, but he who does the will of the Father.



Enjoy the good things of this world, not in excess but in just measure; you will thus taste the joys of living.



The Father has given you a marvellous world, but men do not thank him. They are doing everything they can do destroy it.



Affluence will bring you to perdition. These are gifts of the Father, wrongly used. One day very soon you will tell this to your friends.



The Word of God and the Gospel will save the world.



The world is in error. The Father has given man intelligence, but man does not wish to put it to good use.

This is why I am intervening.



Blessed will be the humble ones, those who pray. Do not allow yourselves to be drawn away by evil, otherwise you will not be saved.



One day many will begin to pray in this church and I shall bless them, leading them to the Father. I have come here to strengthen their faith and to encourage them, so that they become apostles of faith in the world.



There are too many who appear to be Christians, but who are not. Pray, pray, do not ever become tired. The Father loves you.



It will be the priests who will not believe in these visions that you are having. But do not be afraid: I have intervened at the will of the Father.



The Father alone gives life. Men are destroying and annihilating life. These are unforgivable sins. Pray, pray for redemption.



The Father is sheer infinite love, but the world prefers evil. Infinity is great, but greater still is God’s love for mankind.



At this time I am intervening in a hundred places in the world, but men do not believe and are far from God.



See, men should discover the world, not destroy it. Pray, and encourage others to pray.



I will bless all those whom you will accompany to this church and I will give them peace.



You do not know what is awaiting you, but I can assure you that all the souls in grace will enjoy for ever the immense wonder and joy that the Father has prepared for everyone.



If men knew how much the Father loves them! They would blaspheme no more. Pray, I beg you, pray,

and I assure you that one day not far off you will teach these things to all your brothers.



You will soon have some good friends who will help you to bring the Kingdom of the Father to all men of good faith. Pray! I bless you.



The Madonna will save the world once more if the world redeems itself and returns to the Father.



I am the abandoned Mother, but I love you. I will help you to arise and leave the night. Have faith. I and the Father will not abandon you.



You too will be derided and pitied. But I shall be there, do not fear!



Your soul rejoices and exults because you have true joy. Transmit this immense joy also to those who do not possess it. There are too many who have never tasted it, the great gift that the Father has given for all men, but many are born and die in darkness. Pray a lot.



The Father does not want violence; believe me, whoever suppresses life will not be saved.



Pray for the Pope this very day. Try to unite the Church, do not divide it!



Pray for your priests. Do not become weary. Help them to raise themselves up to the Father.



Go to the sick. Tell them that you are bringing the Virgin’s blessing.



Those who say they believe should scatter the seed generously to all the people of God. You should know that you will not be saved if you do not give liberally of what you have received as a gift; do not be selfish, but extend the Father’s love to all, without fear I am with you. I bless you.



Soon you will have a goodly number of followers and many of these will be your apostles. I bless you.



Your desire is right: the Eucharist, adoration, and the tabernacle which is not here: soon they will become a reality.



You will pray and fast to bring men to love one another. Seek true love. Only if you love one another will you be able to call yourselves children of God.



Now the message has been communicated. Blessed are those who accept it. Try to create a single Church, do not divide it. Come together to worship the Father. Seek His grace. I bless you.

(Two days earlier, on Sunday, the visionary’s experiences had been related for the first time to a number of people who had come to the church of St Martin.)



With me is the Father, Who comes to beg for your faith, He Who has given everything for your salvation. Believe, believe also for those who do not believe. This indifference on the part of the world grieves the Father. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived by the evil one. Love one another, love one another and pray without

ceasing. I bless you.



I am the Queen of Love. If you love one another you will be close to the Father. Love and charity. Unending prayer. Go out into the highways and byways of the world, proclaiming the Kingdom of the Father untiringly. He who saves his brother will also save himself. Love and you will be loved. I shall not abandon you. I bless you.



Today you will offer your prayer for young people, for all the young people of the diocese and the world. Pray, because the seed of vocations has been sown, but it is not fertile. Pray, the Father will send new priests for His Church. Pray for priests.



You are not alone in your suffering. Offer everything for those who do not believe, because those who do not believe are sinning. Sins are the cause of all evil and the fault is man’s. I shall help you. Tomorrow I shall show you Jesus. Come, and tell those who are suffering to offer their sufferings for conversion, because there is not much time left. I bless you.

(Today, Sunday, the tabernacle, which previously did not exist in the church of St Martin, was blessed, and the Blessed Sacrament was

placed in it.)



Here is Jesus, for Whom you have been waiting so long.(1) Now He is also alive in the tabernacle. Thank Him and love Him. Make Him loved by all men. One day very soon you will have to say to the Church authorities that Jesus wishes His Mother to be Queen of the world and Queen of Love; He will never permit the error of removing her from the altars. Let the Church be united, but without yielding to blackmail or compromise. The world wants Mary and Mary will save the world if you listen and are converted. Thank you for everything you are doing. Rejoice with Jesus.

(1) From this moment the Child on the arm of His Mother (as represented in the sculpture near the altar) came alive, whereas during the

previous eight months only the figure of Mary appeared to be alive.



(News of the apparitions at St Martin’s is published in the local press for the first time.)

May your sufferings today be combined with joy. Your time has come. Many people are already with you and thus with Mary. You are already experiencing the sufferings of your brothers; you should know that the world

is full of such sufferings, which is why Mary cannot remain silent. They are caused only by sin. Tell everyone to sin no more. May my word be disseminated. The time remaining to you is short: listen to me! Bless the Lord always. Pray to Jesus in the Eucharist and tomorrow let there be fasting for Him.



The Lord be with you, today and always. Today they will try to trick you. Be ready and strong! Let your response be only one: love, love for everyone. Show that your heart is full of joy and teach them the way to receive this joy. Mary is leading you to the true source of joy and peace. There can be no joy in the darkness of evil. Many are those who seek the light: help them, and I shall be at your side to accompany them. Let us worship the Father together. I bless you. Tomorrow be vigilant, do not allow evil to triumph. Do everything correctly. You see how much suffering there is in the world? Now you are aware of it. Tomorrow you will invite everyone to go to confession; thus your prayers will be accepted by the Father. I bless you. I shall be with you.



I bless you, my children. You will be the light in the world that Jesus, my Son, radiates. The time has come for you also, I see that you are ready. I urge you to love one another and to communicate to everyone your love and that of Mary. I await all of you together on Sunday evening to tell you how much I love you. For now, I bless you.



Sunday – Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception)

Praise be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Give thanks to Him always, because He has given you Mary, Queen of Love and salvation. On this day of light may praise and song rise up to Him, King of the universe. Amen. My most beloved children, Mary is among you. Today, through Mary and through you, Jesus has encountered so many souls. May your commitment be constant and sincere. Tell everyone that Mary is crying out from this place for conversion. Be united and purposeful. Leave your everyday tasks. Lose no time. Call everyone to the Father. Pray, that He may delay what is to come. And to you I say: I shall save you,

because you are carrying out the work of salvation and Mary loves you. Courage, do not fear. I bless you.



I see your suffering over the many evils of your brothers. I am heeding all your requests. Tell everyone that Mary is inviting them to pray. Many problems will be solved by prayer. But assure everyone that Mary blesses them and will help them to find true peace in Christ and the joy that He will give. Today I shall send you a priest who does not believe. Welcome him and convey Mary’s message to him. He will believe! Courage, I am with you. I bless you.



Hallowed be His Name. You are full of joy and strength. Do not stop; men respect you,

but there are still many who do not believe in Mary. The truth must triumph. Mary has come because she loves you and to tell you how Jesus is suffering over men’s sin and indifference. May your prayer and self-sacrifice save the world. You will have difficulties concerning this place. Courage! Be humble, but do not let yourselves be intimidated. You are in the divine light. I bless you.



My dear children. Today Mary is asking for your sacrifice and you will surely listen to Mary. You are ready and strengthened in the spirit. Share out the tasks of your apostolate. Spread the voice of Mary to everyone. Go to every place and teach people to pray as you pray. Carry love everywhere. May men repent and find true peace again. Tell everyone not to lose time. Do not be afraid, I am with you. Jesus is still waiting and you will bring everyone to Him. I bless you.



I invite you, Renato, you who have found the true light, enlighten all minds and invite everyone to pray. There are too many hearts of stone! Seek them out, soften them with much love. Carry with you Jesus, suffering over the excess of evil in the world. Tell everyone to listen to Mary’s appeal, for I come to save you, so that you may be prepared for what is to come. Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.



(To the Prayer Group present in the church)

I give you the gift of certainty in believing what I am telling you. Blessed are you because you are in grace. Let all approach: be bearers of love. Love, and teach others to love without reservation. This time will not pass if man does not find true love and, having found it, does not kneel before the Father and worship Him. Mary is bringing you love and is showing you the way of salvation through prayer and love. Time is short. Do all this and I promise you salvation. I bless you.



Praise be to the Father and to the Son and to the Spirit. Prepare yourselves to welcome the Saviour, my Son.

He will come once again to save you. But you, my beloved ones, work hard to stop the excesses that Christmas gives rise to in the world. It may be one of the last Christmases that the Father allows you to experience.

Listen to me and prepare all nations. I bless you.



Blessed be the day of the Lord. Blessed are you who welcome the Son of Mary, Whom the Father is giving you for the salvation of the world. Jesus will be in those homes that are worthy of Him. May the obscenities that profit nothing but pollute everything be removed. May the Saviour be acknowledged. Welcome this day as a blessing upon you and upon all those who await it with faith. I bless you.



My children, a light from Heaven has shone on the world. Receive it with joy, it will accompany you on the paths of your life. May your spirits unite and sing a single hymn of praise to the Father. Jesus is among you, I have brought Him to you; give Him to all those who are far from Him. Do not forget your promised commitment to Mary. You are my beloved ones. The suffering that will begin tomorrow will be joy if you bear it humbly together. I bless you.



(Eve of the feast of the Holy Family)

Dear children, I urge you to pray. Fast every week. I would like all the families in this district to be reached by a personal message from you, a message of love. Prepare new prayer groups. Let the whole city join you. Listen to me. I bless you.



Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Spirit. May your prayers and all the prayers of your brothers save the world. The Father is listening to you! Soon I shall give you a task which, together with your apostles, you will bring to completion. It will be a marvellous work and will have my protection. Prepare to make yourselves available, and be glad. All those who work with you will enjoy its fruits. I bless you.


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